Testimonials “My wife and I would not be together today, nor would we have gotten married if not for the intercession, wisdom and support from Barry. Today, my wife and I enjoy a DEEP, MEANINGFUL and FULFILLED partnership, complete with adoration and overflowing with love. I still get butterflies when I see her smile. Barry, you […]

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Privacy Policy Barry Selby Consulting (“Company,” “we,” or “us”) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it through this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy governs your access to and use of www.barryselby.com, including any content, functionality and services offered on or through Barry Selby Consulting (the “Website“), whether as a guest or a registered […]

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Post-Quiz Consult! How Do You Feel About Your Relationship Readiness? Now you have completed the Relationship Readiness Quiz, I trust you have some insights, and probably some questions. Now is the perfect time to schedule your discovery session with me. I will help you clarify where you stand, and also what this means for you, […]

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Let’s Chat Are You Ready To Transform Your Dating And Relationship Experience? Let’s have a real conversation! You have questions, I have answers. Now is the perfect time to schedule your discovery session with me. I will help you clarify where you stand, and how you can get there. Let’s dive deep into what is […]

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Coaching Invitation Coaching Invitation Are You Sick And Tired? Sick and tired of having your heart broken?Have you had enough of crappy dates, creepy guys, and losing out in love?Have you been alone and lonely for too long, and you are ready for a change? Are You Ready For Better? Are you ready to really know what […]

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Adventures in Romance dOWNLOAD adventures in romance dOWNLOAD Thank you for choosing to add a little more romance to your life. It is my pleasure to make your life a little easier. As promised, here is your download of the Adventures In Romance eBook. It contains over 100 pages filled with romance ideas from my own selective search. Enjoy […]

Adventures in Romance

Adventures In Romance Adventures In Romance Adventures In Romance E-Book Please enter your contact info below, and I’ll send you the link to download your Adventures In Romance eBook. I’m Ready For Adventures In Romance Now! Enter your first name & email, and I will send you the download link. You will also receive my […]

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50 Ways worksheet downloads 50 ways Worksheet downloads Thank you for signing in. Here are your two forgiveness worksheets. Please test drive each of them and use whichever works best for you. Let me know which works best for you.Here’s to your heart’s wholeness and your wholeness. Download your worksheets from each link in turn. HEALING THROUGH […]

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50 Ways E-Book dOWNLOAD 50 ways e-book dOWNLOAD Thank you for your order. Here is your download of the EBook edition of the 2023 edition of 50 Ways To Love Your Lover. This PDF format book is viewable on any device that is compatible, including Mac and Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, etc. 50 ways […]

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Self-Love MEDITATION Guide dOWNLOAD Self-Love Meditation Guide dOWNLOAD Thank you for investing in you. Here is your download of your Self-Love Mirror Meditation Guide. Self-Love Mirror Meditation Guide DOWNLOAD TO DOWNLOAD: Mac users: CTRL + click Windows users: Right click

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Self-Love MEDITATION PRACTICE dOWNLOAD Self-Love Meditation Practice dOWNLOAD Thank you for investing in you. Here are your downloads of the Self-Love Guided Meditation in both written guidebook and custom audio format.There are two guided audio recordings, one for your morning practice (AM) and one for your evening practice (PM). Enjoy them both. Click each icon […]

Self Love 2024

Self Love sets you free Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you feel separate from others? Do you feel lonely, especially when alone? Do you feel that you are never loved enough by others? Do you have an emptiness inside when you are alone? Society teaches us to look […]

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50 Ways to Love Your Lover You want love? You deserve love. You want intimacy? You deserve intimacy.You want authentic romance? You deserve it all. “This is an encyclopedia of relationship! Thank you for your work!It is a valuable gift to man, woman, single, married, parents, newly married, newly divorced, all who wish to grow and […]

Personal Guidance 2024

Attract The Man You Want Attract the man You Want You are a successful, powerful and influential woman. You are amazing, beautiful and smart.You are making a powerful stand in the world, you have achieved success and status in your business and in your life, and life, for you, is really good. Except … your heart aches […]

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Building your fulfilling relationship inspires your amazing life!You deserve this love, you are more than worthy, and you are ready. Take your first step Are you tired of losing out in love? Are you fed up choosing relationships that don’t work? RECYCLINGRELATIONSHIPS? You notice yourself repeating the same relationship over and over again – different […]