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You want love? You deserve love.

You want intimacy? You deserve intimacy.

You want authentic romance? You deserve it all.

“This is an encyclopedia of relationship! Thank you for your work!
It is a valuable gift to man, woman, single, married, parents,
newly married, newly divorced,
 all who wish to grow
and be better than they were yesterday! Thank you!”

Diora A

50 Ways To Love Your Lover is just for you. You believe in love, in romance, and you want your most profound and juicy relationship of your life! This book is for you whether you are single, and definitely for you when you are in relationship.

This book is a powerful reference on love, a compendium on romance, a gathering of principles that I believe make relationship a wonderful place to live, love and grow. Are you single? This is a perfect time to read this book. Are you in a relationship? This is also a perfect time to read this book.

50 Ways To Love Your Lover skillfully and eloquently guides
the reader into the discovery that we have direct access
to the love and happiness we long for
Full of practical wisdom and inspired insight.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith
author of Life Visioning

229332_10151261417347774_342689868_nSome of the principles will shed light on the vision you have had (or not had) about what you want. They will help you clarify and define a powerful vision so you will attract your future ideal relationship with ease.

Some principles will not only help you understand your past, your upbringing, and your self-defined relationship paradigm with your parents, they will show you how you got to where you are, and most importantly, they will help you transcend your history so you will have a  clean slate to move forward in attracting true love and romance.

There are even principles that will show you ways of deepening the love you already have, to restore the flame that may have flickered and almost disappeared. And there are principles that clarify some rather interesting insights on sexual attraction.

Any of these will hold your attention, and give you immediate tools to change your love trajectory.

This book gathers many core principles, inspirations and insights from my own experience, as well as almost 30 years of study and learning. It is a powerful and entertaining guide for you to have phenomenal romance and amazing love relationships.

This book covers a gamut of relationship principles which will help you have a shift in your own experience, and a definite transformation of your relationship paradigm, whether the one you are in now, or if you are single, your next one.

“I’m roughly half-way through your book. I wanted to keep reading it,
but at midnight I decided it was probably wise to go to bed. Anyway,
I wanted to let you know that I love it. I find your words comforting. 

I’ve been single now for 12 years (with my ex-husband for 12 years
before that, married for 7 of them), and you’ve basically put into your book
what I believe to be true. Something that really hit home was
the concept of being more free in a relationship.
Amy O’Brien

These principles are not simply suggestions. If followed, these teachings will guide you to a much greater joy and love in romance, and a transformed journey of love and relationship.

These are not the only principles. That would be way too presumptuous. However, don’t dismiss or treat these as simply suggestions or tips, they are much more than that. Calling them simply tips would be like calling a Siberian tiger a house-cat!

These principles are gathered here to give you direct guidance, options and steps that can absolutely transform your relationship experience into something magical and immensely satisfying.

249418_10151261415527774_1032613715_nHere’s a reader’s perspective: Life is full of surprises! I was pleasantly surprised to discover this encyclopedia of a relationship. Barry Selby is the author of 50 Ways to Love Your LoverPowerful Principles for Passionate and Rich Rewarding Relationship filled with Deeply Fulfilling and Juicy Romance! This book provides simple, straight to the point recommendations on how to be happy with yourself as well as with your partner, ALL at the same time!

This book helped me to heal my heart and learn to love with all my heart! Thank you, Barry Selby! In this book, Barry Selby included many wonderful “tools” on how to forgive, to attract the lover that you wish, to “spice up” romance, to overcome the boredom in the relationship, to live in a spiritual harmony with your partner, and many more awesome advises to improve your Love Life. There are 50 chapters that separated under major topics such as About Your Journey, About Love & Romance, About Your self, About Your Partner, About Your History, About Authenticity & Communication, About Life & The World, About Sexual Attraction, and About Your Future.

I like how this book is organized, because it allows me to find the right answer fast and easy. This is a best book to have for single, married, parent, man, woman, couple, newly married, newly divorces, and all who want to love and be loved with all their heart! Surprisingly, you will want to use Barry Selby’s ideas during all stages of your relationship. I wish you to invest into your love life and read this beautiful and very powerful book! I am grateful to Barry Selby for publishing this book!”

These are categorically honest, simple and workable tools that, if applied, will change how you experience romance, how you love your partner, and perhaps most importantly, how you treat and love yourself.

This book is a reference, a journey of awakening and transformation, and a workbook for your study and guidance. There are worksheets and online support available as well – more on that in a moment.

This book is also a resource filled with provocative ideas, rather than a flowing story just for your entertainment, although I hope you will be entertained as well as educated. You might read this book front to back, or choose specific chapters based on what pulls your interest.

You could take each Chapter for a test-drive, for a week, to meditate on it, journal about it, and perhaps see how you can live it for that week. With 50 principles applied this way, it would certainly be a transformational year.

These 50 principles are useful to you if you are single or in relationship, if you want to deepen your relationship, or if you know you need a transformation in how you participate in relationship. If you are male or female, you will find value, nspiration, growth opportunities and more. They are each worthy of review and deliberation as you go about your days and live your life.

If you don’t follow these principles, I can’t be held responsible for your relationship mistakes or loneliness. You have been warned.

“Barry Selby’s book, 50 Ways to Love your Lover
is a beautifully written, inspirational and practical guide
for bringing more joy, life and love into our relationships.
Barry shows us the power we have as individuals to actually
be the source of and the cause of the joy in our relationships.”

Julie Ferman
Award Winning Matchmaker
Founder of