Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?

Do you feel separate from others?

Do you feel lonely, especially when alone?

Do you feel that you are never loved enough by others?

Do you have an emptiness inside when you are alone?

Society teaches us to look for love “out there.” When someone else loves us, we will feel fulfilled. It doesn’t work that way. This is a false teaching. The best kept secret to finding love, is to look inside.

Experiencing self-love is something many ignore and miss. For many the idea of self-love is considered a selfish or egotistical act, a waste of time. This is incorrect.

For some, loving themselves is bordering on what they deem as narcissistic. Yes, some people are so egotistically selfish and ego-stroking that they miss the point completely. And that’s a shame.

The truth is, honoring and loving yourself is a powerful self-support path, and enables you to express and share love more easily.

My Guided Self-Love Mirror Meditation Practice will change your experience with all the above, and more. Your self-love journey will elevate your life and your world-view.

Practicing self-love will change your life in a deep way, and open your heart in magnificent ways. You will discover greater self-support, greater self-trust, greater intimacy, greater connection with others and a power of attraction that will transform your life.

This is not an ego-stroking or selfish action, it is a path to restore your self-support from your heart, to enable you to stand strong in who you are. With all the challenges that the world provides, especially all that show up in your personal, social, family and business relationships, having the practice of self-love working for you, will help erase and reduce any of those outside influences. You will feel restored and renewed.

Turning inward and changing your relationship with yourself by deepening your self-love and self-support will have serious positive repercussions.


Practicing self-love will cause you to experience some of the following side-effects:

Increased sense of self, healthier and higher level of self-regard, automatic focus on self-care and self-support, reliable and comfortable respect of yourself, healthier boundaries, greater comfort being alone, greater resource of self-confidence, reduced ability to feel sad or loneliness, no longer feeling dependent on others to make you feel good, an innate sense of joy and well-being, more freedom and upliftment.

All of your relationships, whether family, romantic, social, business or any other, all include one factor – you! You are the common participant in all these relationships. Do you expect all of them to be your source of love? I certainly hope not.

In the area of romance, one of the biggest mistakes people make in their relationships is looking for their partner to provide all the love, expecting their partner to love them so much they don’t need to love themselves.

Practicing self-love will transform every relationship in your life. And it will help you attract the one you desire.

Fully immersing yourself in this practice will actually transform every single one of those relationships. Your family relationships will improve, your business relationships will improve, your social friendships will improve, and your romantic relationship (if you have one) will improve as well. Life will feel a lot more joyful, and worry and stress will dissipate. 

When you love yourself, truly love who you are, you become more independent, more self-reliant, more available to love, and able to express more love to everyone, including your partner. And if you are single, self-love will actually hope you feel and be more attractive.

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life,
take a look in the mirror.”
~ Unknown

Practice this guided meditation every day for at least 30 days. Make it a truly self-supportive habit. A habit that will transform your life. It may not feel profound or appear to be that powerful now, however after 30 days, you will be very pleasantly surprised experiencing how different you feel.

Your guided meditation is delivered with both a user-friendly written guidebook that takes you deep, and two custom created guided audio tracks (one to begin your day with intention, the other to complete your day with gratitude) that will take you even deeper. As you deepen and let yourself be guided in the meditation practice, your life will transform, your inner relationship and your mindset will improve, and amazing things will begin to happen.

Download both formats and get started.

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Choosing to focus on loving yourself is a truly caring act for yourself. I bow to your courage and your willingness to support yourself this way.