Visualization – Affirmation – Meditation

Simply put, and thanks to a lot of feedback, women love my voice!

Perhaps it's my English accent, or the deep chocolate tone, or something more, or all the above! 

I have heard many times from the ladies, they would love me to record something special for them, so they can "take me home with them!" I have been aware of this for quite a while, and after a recent conversation, I realized I needed to respond to the audience! 

Welcome to V-A-M, the unique and powerful combination of Visualization, Affirmation and Meditation audio recordings that will transport you and transform your experience in each of seven areas. I have created a list of seven planned recordings, and I am committed to produce this series of personal audio recordings, specifically focused on self-care, relationship, romance, and vision and purpose.

As these are in process of being produced, I am offering a special pre-order invitation for you. Your investment will assist me in clarifying which recordings get produced first (your choices are the votes I count), and also it will assist with the recording and production expenses.

Take a look at the list below of the titles and descriptions of my upcoming guided audio recordings that you can peruse and pre-order today. Each one will be a unique combination of Visualization, Affirmation and Meditation.

Guided meditation and affirmations to lead you to a sense of peace, opening your heart, and calming your mind.

uided affirmations and love to attract the love and passion you desire and deserve.

Guided meditation supporting your wholeness, healing your heart and opening you to love for yourself.

Guided meditation and affirmations filling you with love and appreciation for yourself, filling up your own cup first.

Embrace your vision, guided meditation to reveal and connect your vision and mission to your heart. Open up to your own vision and purpose, bring it in and own it from your own heart. Sharp focus, clarity, knowing.

Open up to your Inner Guidance, tap into your intuition, feel guided from within, make decisions from your highest place. Innate, natural, resource.

Restore your self-support, believe in who you are, open to the power within, be all you can be!

These recordings will be available as digital downloads (MP3 format), so you can install them on your smartphone or media player and listen to them at your leisure. Individually these recordings will be on sale for $39.97 each. However, as this is a pre-launch opportunity, you can take advantage of these very attractive offers. Rather than $39.97 each, the recordings are available for pre-order of only $19.97 each. Order each or multiples with this PayPal Add to Cart button.


After you click the PayPal Add to Cart button, you will have the choice to check out at that point. If you wish to order more than one recording, simply select the Continue Shopping option on the PayPal screen, and you will be returned here to choose your next recording. This way you can add multiple titles to your cart at this special price.

If you want to invest in all seven titles, I have good news for you. Buy all seven titles together for an even greater discount. As mentioned, there are seven (7) planned recordings. When released to retail will be available collectively as a set for $249. If you pre-order today, you will receive all seven recordings for only $129. There is a dedicated PayPal Buy Now button below for ordering the whole set.