Question Mark manYou know what you want.

You created a vision board and sat back and waited, and waited, and nothing happened. 

Your true love didn’t show up. 

You have used online dating sites, smartphone apps, and even met people in social settings. None of them are the one you truly want.

Your true love hasn’t shown up.

The solution (and the problem) is the
Law Of Attraction.


The Law Of Attraction works. All the time. It is absolutely obedient.

The Law Of Attraction is immutable. It works better than you realize.

For this to make sense, you need to understand how your mind operates.

Your mind is similar to an iceberg, metaphorically speaking. An iceberg doesn’t float on the water, it floats in the water. Consequently, only a small portion of the iceberg is visible above the surface of the ocean, most of its mass resides below the surface. Like the iceberg, your conscious mind is like the 10% tip of the iceberg above the surface, while your subconscious mind is like the 90% mass below the surface.

How does that relate to your vision of romance and your experience of romance?

Your vision board is created by your conscious mind (the 10%).

Meanwhile, your subconscious mind (the 90%) is focused on what has happened in the past laid down as rules and beliefs, all your hidden patterns and rules about relationships. All this is comfortably ensconced and imprinted in your subconscious mind. The biggest and most enforced of these patterns and rules were laid down like a vinyl recording (remember those?) during your childhood from watching your parents and other adults around you (hint: that’s a powerful indicator right there of where you might find the source of your rules and beliefs).

The Law of Attraction being obedient, responds to ALL of your consciousness. It responds to BOTH your conscious and subconscious mind.

Which part of your mind do you think, conscious or subconscious, has the overriding power with the Law Of Attraction? Yes, it’s the larger portion that has greater influence.

I trust you understand the implications? You now realize WHY you haven’t been attracting what you want. Actually you have, it’s just not what you consciously intended, it’s what you subconsciously required to match what it knows. Which is all the old baggage, beliefs, hurts and rules that you still carry. You may now be realizing that your past relationships seemed to have similar themes, experiences, characteristics and even conversations to one another. With your subconscious mind and programming calling the shots, is it any wonder?

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” 
― George Santayana

What to do?

Simply put, the best and most effective way to use the Law Of Attraction to attract your heart’s desire is to bring your subsconscious mind into alignment with your conscious mind. Simple to say, not so easy to do.

This requires changing the content and imprinting of your subconscious mind, resolving all your baggage so it truly supports and strengthens your vision and intention. Changing the programming installed there (if you want to get techy!), it will no longer override, redirect or derail your conscious choices.

There are many books that can help unearth your past baggage, and plenty of therapists that specialize in history and excavation.

I believe that it is viable and more powerful to work on BOTH your conscious mind and your subconscious mind at the SAME time. Build your future vision while simultaneously releasing and healing your past history. I learned this for myself, and it’s why I do what I do. It’s how I work with my clients, it’s my service and my passion. 

It is what inspired the creation of my most transformational and magical program – my Attract The Man You Want program. 

Among the different elements of this program, one of the core elements of my Attract The Man You Want program is specifically designed to help you build your true relationship vision, your romantic future, your heart’s desire. 

The eight modules of the program bring both your conscious mind and experience into full alignment with your vision, so you get what you really want, in love and romance.

You can find out more, and start your journey right away at Attract The Man You Want today. You will find out more about this program, including the other elements, including your choices of coaching options. Yes, I make this absolutely accessible and personal for you. Check it out!

Live, Laugh and Love With Passion,

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” 
― Narcotics Anonymous

P.S.  This understanding of the Law Of Attraction applies to all areas of your life. If your career is not going where you want it to, likely your subconscious mind has a different agenda based on what is recorded there about career, business, money, purpose, etc. If your lifestyle is not matching your heart’s desire, yes, it’s your beliefs that are denying you this lifestyle. Yes, you can get help with this too!