How are your New Year Resolutions coming along? 

Same as last year?

Did they work then?

Will they work now?

Every year, it’s the same experience –

It’s the first week of January. You write out some new resolutions about health, about eating habits, about business, about relationship, about saving, etc.

Perhaps you copy the same ones that didn’t work from last year, that were, in turn, copied from the year before. How’s that working for you?

By the end of January, you forget you wrote them, and the year goes pretty much the same way it did last year.

Are you really clear on what you want this year? Do you want to actually have it this year?

Are you ready to attract and enjoy having what you really want?

You deserve success this year. This year, learn how to create your life magnificently, in all areas.

Make this year better and different. Make this year the year you choose a better beginning, a better strategy, a better path to define your year.

Make this year the year you truly succeed.

What do you do differently? First, you stop making resolutions!

You make something better.

There is an old adage – “to make God laugh, make plans.” The meaning is that your ego doesn’t tend to succeed on it’s own. Resolutions are limited because they are ego-centric. They are based on your ego and will. There is another way, that works in cooperation with that which you might call a higher power, whether that be God, Spirit, Universe, Allah, Christ, Susan or whoever or whatever you subscribe to.

The power begins with your intention. When you begin with intention, you invite in a greater power and lots of support from all around you.

You stop being ego-centric, instead you enroll your higher power to support and assist your plans for the year.

Rather than have God laugh at your resolutions, you invite Her to help and love your intentions, to infuse and inspire them so they manifest.

That powerful step is the first key to Rock Your 2019.

In your Rock Your 2019 Playbook, you use seven powerful keys to unlock, infuse and inspire your intentions as they become real and manifest.

Make 2019 your best year ever.

Included in the Rock Your 2019 Playbook are these seven keys:

  1. Heart Intention Plans – a graphic representation and expansion of your intentions into life. (includes samples and templates)
  2. Vision Boards – the fundamental visual representation of your intention in reality. (includes illustrations and resources)
  3. Embodiment  – you have created your vision and can see it, now you try on the feelings, and learn to explore the visions you create
  4. Love and Release – with all this vision and exploration happening, it is key that you learn to step back and allow your higher power to take the reins.
  5. Launching markers into 2019 – each month of your calendar you will build soft-goals (less formal than deadlines) in each area – providing yourself something achievable each month in each area. It fuels your vision with power.
  6. Blessing the past. To move forward with grace and ease, is to peacefully release 2018. I provide five powerful ways to do this, so you don’t drag it into 2019.
  7. Make this year a year of gratitude. A special daily activity you can use to fill yourself with gratitude that is opened on December 31, 2019!

Stop repeating the same thing, and getting the same results, as you did last year. and the year before that.

Start 2019 right, with your Rock Your 2019 Vision Playbook (actually a workbook that you play with!) and prepare for a wonderful new year.

Get started today – download your Playbook and Rock Your 2019, for just $97:

2019 is already here. Let’s get started!