If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, I have a special invitation for you.


Welcome to your 
10-Day Love Rules Challenge 
October 26 – November 6 

Please join me for a very special and complimentary adventure, to create and attract more love, more joy and more passion into your life.

Together, we will begin an adventure of helping you discover authentic love, heart restoration and attract true romance.

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Each week-day, I will be hosting a live broadcast on Periscope, in which you can participate, ask direct questions and make comments.


You can also watch live online too. If you miss a live broadcast, you can also watch the replay later. 

I will email you specific goodies and details each day (including replay information).

You will learn 10 powerful keys to attracting the love of your life that you can apply and use anytime you want.

As resource, I will be supporting you with content from my book 50 Ways To Love Your Lover.

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You will have access to a dedicated and private Facebook group, where you will receive notifications of each day's teaching, practices and opportunities, and be able to connect with other participants in this challenge, share experiences, ask questions and get support.

This is my gift to you. You just need to commit to your own heart, and also enjoy the daily heart-work practices. For your peace of mind, these daily practices will be succinct, will be good for you, and will take just short amount of time. Feel better? 🙂

On the first nine days, we will discuss one chapter from each of the 9 sections in my book. The final day is reserved for a rich discussion of the 3 most important keys you need to know to attract a healthy, passionately fulfilling and amazing relationship.

By the way, I won't be selecting which chapters we will discuss. You will. You will decide which chapters we discuss each day. Specifically, I will post the chapter titles for each section in the Facebook group, and you get to vote which chapters you want discussed. To make this easier, I invite you to get your own copy of my book, in particular the digital eBook edition*, as you can download it immediately and be ready to go before we begin. It is your fastest way to get my book (unless you already have a copy of course), and it is available for less than half the soft-cover price* right now too.

The Love Rules Challenge begins on Monday October 26.

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* Choose the eBook edition from the sales page, or the combination to get both the eBook and soft-cover together and save. Note: You don't have to have the book to participate in the Challenge, although it makes your journey more enjoyable.