Do you judge your body? Do you judge how you walk, run, move or stand? Do you judge your health? Do you judge how you feel?

If you judge yourself in any way, it’s not unusual. Most people carry judgments about themselves, about their bodies, how they move, how they interact with others, and a lot more. Self-judgment is a human experience.

The good news is there is a way to change this. There is a relatively easy way that can change your relationship with yourself. One that can eliminate that self-judgment, and it does not require a drastic diet or fitness challenge. The solution is to remember who you are. When you remember you are deserving of your own love, when you remember to love yourself, and appreciate your body, your relationship with both will transform.

I created this Self-Love Body Meditation Guide to help you. It provides simple, strategic and powerful steps to change how you see and experience yourself, internally and externally.

This practical guide will help you connect more intimately with yourself, and provides a deeper level of self-love, self-acceptance and self-support, including seeing your own body in a new light. This will transform your relationship with your body, and also will bring a whole lot more joy and love into your life.

This meditation provides both inner reflection and outer practice to support you. You may just fall in love with yourself, more deeply and more authentically.

You can start right now, when you download your own copy of my Self-Love Body Meditation Practice Guidebook. Take ownership of your self-support and discover how amazing you really are.

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