“My wife and I would not be together today, nor would we have gotten married if not for the intercession, wisdom and support from Barry. Today, my wife and I enjoy a DEEP, MEANINGFUL and FULFILLED partnership, complete with adoration and overflowing with love. I still get butterflies when I see her smile. Barry, you offer real core truths that don’t ‘change’ relationships… they become TRANSFORMED. Thank you, thank you, thank you- from the bottom of my heart. There’s no price I can place on genuine ‘love.’ Thank you brother. I’ve contemplated this Barry, and in no way, shape or form can I ever ‘repay you’ for this… so I have decided to simply ‘pay it forward,’ by being inside of this incredible relationship that you helped transform and just as passionately, by referring any others to you… whether they are with someone or single. The key here is never really ‘the other person’… the most important relationship we have is to ourselves… and until that is defined and honored, there is no ‘other person’ we can even begin to consider. All of this starts with us and I can only hope that others are able to have this ultimate gift that Tracy and I have received. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Cary H.

“Barry epitomizes the perfect blend of practical, spiritual, tangible and the intangible in relation to coaching.  He comes from a gentle, loving, and friendly spirit that really speaks to women and allowed me to open up to him in a way as if I’ve known him forever.  He is an attentive listener, and the insights he offered gave me real ways to redirect my energies.  He helped me realize how to control only the things that I could control and to release that was merely holding me prisioner (when I didn’t even realize it was).  He has certainly impacted my journey, and I am confident there are countless more who will be blessed to have Barry impact theirs.

- Tammy G.

Thank you for your insight and CLEAR VISION at Amazing Woman’s Day in San Diego…the Women LOVED you, but truly, your insight and understanding has SUCH value. We could have sat with your guidance and brilliant intuition for hours..  :)”

- Elle F.

“Barry your knowledge and understanding and insight were simply incredible! Thank you! I truly benefited from your unique insight and perspective...God Bless you!”

- Kevin H.

“Much thanks to you last night for our conversation. I went to bed last night and noticed that my breathing was easier and freer. Like something had been lifted deep beneath my being! It was really extraordinary! What you have committed your life to is magical and you will be rewarded in due time. Love and gratitude.”

- Alicia P.

“Barry got me to a place where I saw I could let go of circumstances and the pressure to figure everything out. The result was an invitation to the ultimate journey of self-love where going inward is priority over reacting outward. Even before changing an external thing, I am able to find clarity and gratitude exactly where I am.”

- Noreen J.

Barry is a well versed expert in his field. I have faith in his ability to coach adults in the direction they need, in order to establish the relationships they want.”

- Aura W.

“I haven’t known Barry long, and only in a peripheral way but I’d heard glowing raves about his work from other friends. He offered a complimentary consultation and introduction to his work, and I thought- what a wonderful gift, how can I say no to that? I met with him and it was such an instant feeling of warmth, understanding and  comprehension that we chatted away as if he’d known me for years. His insights and recommendations were wonderful. I’ve never had a mutual understanding like that before with a teacher or therapist or advisor in my life. It was truly a wonderful experience and I urge you with a huge smile – if you’ve thought about going to see Barry and work with him – GO! Do it. If you feel his work is on your lines and have wondered if this is right for you. It IS. His professionalism and warmth and support is unequaled in my experience. And that’s what’s true for me. Thank you Barry.”

- Liisa L.

Barry had a profound impact on my life when he was my guide. I have known him for many years and find his insight and wisdom to be centered in Truth — timeless and eternal. Thank you Michelle!” 

- Michelle S.

Barry has a strong masculine presence and is able to offer his strength and support sometimes without even a word needing to be spoken. The space he holds is enough.”

- Emunah M.