It is time to stop randomly dating, and gambling with your heart.
It is time to stop choosing partners, without vision and intention.
It is time to take charge of your future,
to intentionally and consciously attract your heart's desire.

It's time for you to enjoy
Your Dating Advantage 



You are a successful, powerful and influential single woman. 
You are amazing, beautiful and smart.
You are making a powerful stand in the world, you have achieved success
and status in your business and in your life, and life, for you, is really good.

Except for one vital item – Your heart aches to have someone special
to share your life with, right now.

Your heart has been crushed more than once (too many times?).
You are not sure you feel safe to fall in love again.
You wonder if you will ever find a man you can truly trust to partner with you
and be with you all the way.

It saddens me to see you lose out in love.

You act as if you have your dating life handled.
You don't need any help. You have plenty of experience.

The odds are in your favor, you say. You've had more than enough dates.
At least that's what you tell the world.

sad woman leaving

Except when you are alone. When you catch your own eyes in the mirror, or when you are alone and reflect inwardly, you know that's not really the truth. In your heart, the truth is you are protecting yourself, you spend your days focused outward, on your work, on your life, this way it is easier to avoid complications like dating and romance. It's safer too.

You don't want to keep repeating the same uncertain dating experience, or having the same result, again and again. That would be insanity, as Albert Einstein defines as doing the same thing again and again, and expecting (or hoping for) a different result.

That is not the choice you really want.

9692_377283122364844_2027809985_nYou yearn to be deeply in love and be deeply loved in return.
You desire true love that is deep, rich, honest, and passionate.
Your heart yearns for passion, honor and fulfillment. 
Your heart wishes for a truly amazing partner. 

You deserve a heart-felt, honorable, respectful, dynamic and passionately loving man
who truly respects, honors and loves you deeply.
You yearn for that one true love, the man to share all this with.

It is time to have that special someone to share your life with. 

You deserve it.

I support you to have the love, the partner, and the relationship you dream of.

I know you really want to take the guesswork and gambling out of dating.

I believe you want more certainty.


You truly desire and deserve a better way,
an intelligent and heart-felt solution,
to attract the love you really want.

What you need is Your Dating Advantage Home-Study Program.

Your Dating Advantage Workbook cover


Your Dating Advantage home-study program is designed for you, milady. 229332_10151261417347774_342689868_n

Your Dating Advantage will support you to clarify your vision and make it real.

Your Dating Advantage will help you have a clear focus and attraction for the man and relationship your heart yearns for.

Your Dating Advantage is your key to open the door to amazing love, romance and fulfilling, passionate and rich relationship.

Your Dating Advantage will help you transform your heart's vision into reality.

Your Dating Advantage will attract him to you.

Each of the eight modules in this home-study program are specifically designed to compliment each other and build on each previous module. Each module will increase your focus, your heart's magnetism, and your intention to attract the ideal relationship you are fully deserving of.

You will feel amazing, inspired and joy-filled.


Say YES to yourself!

Say YES to LOVE!

Say YES to your HEART'S DESIRE! 


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