“Love, is a many splendored thing”
(Sinatra, 1955)

Have you felt love, real love, without another person?

Love from someone else is wonderful, however most often, it is a codependent experience. Your feelings are based on how they love you. It becomes hard to stay centered when you don’t have dominion over your own experience of love. When you understand how love really works, and the many ways it serves you, you will discover how love is your guide, your support, your fuel. Your life will be transformed, as will all your relationships.

This sounds so simple, and when you experience and use love as the powerful agent it is, you will understand.

My recent unscripted Facebook Live speaks to this, and included a couple of facets:


Love truly is like a diamond. It has many facets, and aspects. These aspects of love, including self-care, self-acceptance and the big one – self-forgiveness – are pillars of support for your self-love and expression of love. When you heal old wounds, hurts, limitations in your heart, in your memory, and in your way, you will find how expansive and uplifting your own love truly is. 

I have gathered 18 love aspects, drawing from my own experience and education (including my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and over 18 years as a professional spiritual counselor). These eighteen (18) powerful aspects of love, in combination with the actual application of love, are designed to help you heal any past blocks, help you stand for yourself, and help you thrive. These eighteen principles are paired with love in very intentional and effective ways.

Each week includes a written practice assignment to develop your skills, and a group video call later in the week for debrief and for sharing, and to receive personal guidance and coaching. In addition, you will have access to, and participate in a secret Facebook group to stay connected and share your experience and learning.

This group program is limited to a maximum of thirty participants, so you will receive personal attention and support during this journey.

There will also be surprises and bonuses along the way, to keep it interesting and exciting.

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Regular one time investment of $397   or    4 monthly installments of $125. 

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