sad woman leavingI had to respond.

I was watching her face as she told me of her latest romantic heart-break. I had coached her, a couple of weeks previously, when she was uncertain about the guy she was dating, to ask for what she wanted, and to really check in with her date what his intentions were. And, I added, feel if his heart was aligned.

I already had an intuition what the outcome was likely to be, and sadly I was confirmed. She told me last night with pain in her face, that he wasn’t interested in continuing the relationship with her. She had no choice but to let go and walk away. Well, to walk away. Letting go might take a little longer.

Then she said the declaration that I’ve heard from so many singles – “It’s OK, I really know what I really want.” Immediately two responses came to the tip of my tongue – “If that’s the case, why don’t you already have it?” and “If you really know, why were you with this guy if he wasn’t it?”

I’ll ask you the same questions:

“If you know what you want, why don’t you already have it?”

“And if you really know what you want, why do you choose to date men who you know already are not a match to your vision?”

I already know your answers.

I explained to her, having a clear intention for what you want in love is great. However, you must be at peace with your past history. Really made peace with your past emotional baggage and past relationship heart-breaks.

If you don’t have peace with your history, that emotional baggage from your past relationships, you will be blind-sided and completely deflected away from the future dream romantic relationship you yearn for. EVERY TIME.

I explained with this metaphor:

Imagine your life is like a sailboat. Your future intention is like the sails, set to catch the wind in the direction of your vision. Your history, your past emotional baggage is like the rudder. If your history is clear, and you have a clear intention, both are in alignment, and navigating to your goal is straight forward, and you will be successful.

However, if you don’t have peace with your past baggage, even though your sails are using the wind toward your future vision, however, the rudder will take you off-course, override your vision, steering you somewhere other than where you want to go.

Feel familiar? Your answer will likely be “YES.”

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” 

Rose Kennedy

This is one of the powerful core reasons I created Attract The Man You Want.

Each of the three dynamic paths in the program is intentionally designed to get you where you want to go. Using the metaphor from above:

    1. The first path is focused on your future vision like the sails of the boat.
    1. The second path is focused on healing and releasing your past baggage (for the above reason), so the rudder is in your control, and in alignment with the sails moving you toward your vision accurately.
  1. The third path is focused on your present to really empower your feminine power, self-support and self-love. This would be the boat itself, being up for the journey, sea worthy and powerful.

Attract The Man You Want is a powerful and divinely designed eight module program that will transform your life, solidify and strengthen your vision, and attract your intended romance results. It is a paradigm shift in essence. I am very grateful this program came through me, for you to enjoy, explore and experience, to get the results you have been praying for.

Frankly, I am very passionate about you having what you want in love. And Attract The Man You Want is your roadmap, your blueprint to get you there. If you are serious about love, about true partnership, and about the dream of romance you have had forever, you want to begin this program immediately.

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I promise you will love it.