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Are you tired of losing out in love?

Are you fed up choosing relationships that don’t work?


Recycling Relationships?

You notice yourself repeating the same relationship over and over again – different face, same experience.


Dating your Dad/Mom??

You are tired of attracting relationships that remind you of your parents.


No choices

You are tired of the poor quality of swiping and dating choices.


Scared of Making a Mistake?

You are afraid to commit and waste time in another bad relationship.


Still stuck
on your ex?

Are you still feeling enmeshed with your ex, uncertain how you disentangle or let go, and not even sure if you want to?

Discover your
relationship readiness


How I help you Love Better


One-on-One Guidance

Deep dive private guidance and support to help you heal your heart, rewrite your future so you can attract an amazing relationship.


Online Courses

Self-guided and immersive support helping you create your vision and attraction for the love you desire, with optional coaching


Group Programs

Join like-minded and like-hearted individuals in one of my group masterclasses where you can heal and grow in support with others.

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You deserve an amazing relationship,
and I will help you get there.

– Barry Selby


Barry Selby

Love Doctor – Relationship Expert

About Barry

I am your guide to help you heal your heart and love freely again.

Love Doctor. Barry Selby is a relationship expert, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, podcaster and spiritual guide. He is a passionate champion for the divine feminine, a masculine leader, and he leads with a compassionate heart. He is dedicated to helping strong successful men and women attract a healthy relationship with their authentic and passionate partner.

His focus on respect for women informs his work with both women and men. His mission awakens women to own and express their feminine magnificence and majesty, in love, and in the world. He is also committed to helping men learn how to open their hearts without giving up their balls. With his expert guidance, both genders create greater balance in love, life and business, and his clients attract relationships that equal who they really are.

As an expert facilitator and guide for singles seeking healthy relationship and true self-love, Barry is affectionately known by his clients and friends as the Love Doctor.

With 40 years investment in personal development and training, including a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and over 20 years as a professional spiritual counselor, he has helped thousands learn to love themselves and live in wholeness.

His #1 best-selling book, 50 Ways To Love Your Lover, helps singles and couples embody powerful principles for passionate and richly rewarding relationships. He brings deep compassion, a gentle and calm masculine presence, and wise guidance to assist his clients in their journey to true love.

He also co-hosts two podcasts, “Relationship Mastery” and “Let’s Talk Dating…Let’s Talk!” available on your favorite podcast platform.

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Happy Clients

Clients’ words

“Barry got me to a place where I saw I could let go of circumstances and the pressure to figure everything out. The result was an invitation to the ultimate journey of self-love where going inward is priority over reacting outward. Even before changing an external thing, I am able to find clarity and gratitude exactly where I am.”

– Noreen J.

“Barry had a profound impact on my life when he was my guide. I have known him for many years and find his insight and wisdom to be centered in Truth – timeless and eternal. Thank you!”

– Michelle S.

“Barry has a strong masculine presence and is able to offer his strength and support sometimes without even a word needing to be spoken. The space he holds is more than enough.”

– Emunah M.

“Barry epitomizes the perfect blend of practical, spiritual, tangible and the intangible in relation to coaching. He comes from a gentle, loving, and friendly spirit that really speaks to women and allowed me to open up to him in a way as if I’ve known him forever. He is an attentive listener, and the insights he offered gave me real ways to redirect my energies. He helped me realize how to control only the things that I could control and to release that was merely holding me prisioner (when I didn’t even realize it was). He has certainly impacted my journey, and I am confident there are countless more who will be blessed to have Barry impact theirs.”

– Tammy G.

“Barry your knowledge and understanding and insight were simply incredible! Thank you! I truly benefited from your unique insight and perspective…God Bless you!”

– Kevin H.

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