Healing Through Love 

Your personal and safe place to heal and become whole, surrounded by love. 

Thawing Heart

You still feel wounded, or perhaps you have numbed your heart to protect yourself.
You would rather have your heart be healed.

You feel you left a part of you behind in that last break-up. It is time to reclaim all of you.
You deserve better than feeling stuck, or hurt, or heart-broken. You deserve your heart’s desire, which is available when your heart is healed and whole again.

My passion is driven by helping my clients heal so they can love again.

I have created a private and safe place that is for you. It is the Healing Through Love Support Group.  It is a safe place, a sacred group of healing hearts. Hosted in a private and secret Facebook Group, we will meet and I will provide you with love, guidance and help to heal your heart and thrive in love again.

The Healing Through Love Support Group is created and designed to help you heal your heart fully and gracefully.

The Healing Through Love Support Group will help you:

You will receive:

You are fully supported in this private (and sacred) Facebook Group. This space is intimate, safe and heart-centered. Here, you will receive a lot of support.

Some say they can’t afford to work with a coach or guide like me.
This invitation removes that barrier.

I would love to coach a lot more people, however I only have so many hours in the day for coaching clients.
This invitation removes that barrier too.

I know this speaks to your heart. I highly encourage you join right now. You can join the group as a monthly member or save more by choosing the annual membership. Either way, you will receive full benefits and support in the group. In case you didn’t notice, this is a very economical way to receive my support and coaching.

Monthly membership – $47:

Annual membership (save 25%) – $423: