Learn Keys to Real Self-Care, Self-Support and Self-Mastery.

“Home is where the heart is” – I love the sentiment, and yet it is not where most people live. They don’t find comfort or support in their own minds and hearts. Instead, they are externally fueled and focused – it is the career, or the relationship, or religion, or family and relatives, where they look for comfort, validation, acceptance, and even love. We compare and judge ourselves, based on where we fit in, and what we have.

Most of us have spent our lives needing to prove ourselves, to measure up, to come out ahead, to do what is expected, so we will feel accepted and approved of. This is the way we learned and how we were taught. According to society’s standards, it is the right approach. Yet, it is not emotionally fulfilling. The heart gets lonely.

In our externally driven life, comparison and acceptance is what we use to gauge our success and feeling worthy. This does not provide any true feeling of fulfillment. This focus is a temporary band-aid at best. This is not living on purpose. We are not feeling loved or supported from within. This external drive without any inner fulfillment is not sustainable.

Many people don’t truly feel at home, at peace, at rest within themselves. People tend to avoid looking inside, because of negative experiences, past emotional wounds, bullying, hurts, even abuse that others inflicted on us, particularly when we were young.

Coming home to ourselves as an adult is a choice that takes courage, and it takes humility. The results though, are life-changing.

When you put others first, you feel stressed and drained. When you really care about yourself, caring for others and the world becomes easy and automatic. You become free.

Being self-sourced, means knowing you can depend on yourself, it means you trust yourself, you count on yourself easily, and you feel at home within yourself. From this place, you know are in charge, you are released from any needs or pressure from others. This shift is magical.

I am a passionate proponent of self-supportive practices and self-caring focus. It is a core teaching with my clients, before anything else. Last year, as part of this focus, I launched my Guided Self-Love Meditation Practice to help people remember their hearts, to connect with themselves and their own love.

Now, there is a greater need for self-mastery, which inspired my new group program, Coming Home To YourSelf.

This new course is specifically created to guide you to be more self-reliant and self-empowered. When you participate, you will:

In this group program, there is an array of accessible and elegant practices that help you become more present, more masterful, and centered to your own being. You will be inspired with greater self-care, self-support, self-confidence, self-reliance and a whole lot more vitality and joy in your life.

This program will bring you home to yourself, and provide you with a rich resource of support for your life, your relationships, and your business.

The course includes weekly teaching videos with personal practices, monthly group coaching video calls, and a private facebook group to connect and receive support.

Improve your relationship with yourself, and all other relationships will improve.

Registration is currently open, however it will close when the group is full, and we will begin very shortly. Be part of this, and come home to yourself.

Coming Home To YourSelf is a wonderful journey to connect you deeply to your self. It is time to come home to yourself. You are in the right place.

What would that be worth to you? As this is the pre-launch, I have decided to offer this new course without a fixed tuition. You decide for yourself what is appropriate. I know what the investment will be when the course is formally released. This first group, however, gets to choose!

Click here to schedule a chat with me – ask questions, get answers, and let me know what works for you.

You deserve all of this support, the best gift you can give yourself.