538992_3854672198774_1712451146_nAre you ready to take your relationship to the next level?

Do you really want to deepen your relationship?

There’s a lot of offers out there that promise to give you the perfect relationship and romance. I have my own program, specifically designed for single women, that in short-hand is a powerful immersive program in soulmate prep.

If you are already in relationship, and feel there’s more to embody and embrace with your partner, there’s a lot you can do.

Fully expressing your gifts as the feminine, or the masculine (depending on your own polarity – more on this in a moment), is a key factor to really deepening the passion in your romance. One way to ensure and strengthen this in each other is to honor and respect your partner. I mean taking honor and respect deeper than you probably have before.

First, some clarification: In this conversation, the masculine partner generally refers to the man in the relationship, the feminine partner generally refers to the woman in the romance. In some instances, the roles are reversed, however the polarity embodiment in masculine and feminine still remains. In fact, these descriptions are equally accurate for a gay couple as well, as there is a predominantly masculine partner and a predominantly feminine partner.

BTW, masculine and macho are not the same thing. Macho or machismo is a label for the brute male, the balls-driven man whose heart is asleep and whose honor is ignored. Masculine describes a man (generally) who knows his reason for being and purpose in the world, has an open heart, a strong spine and clear direction.  In one analogy, the masculine is the honorable warrior, the macho is more mercenary.

How do you take honor and respect deeper than you have before?

If you are the masculine partner, worship your feminine partner.

If you are the feminine partner, cherish your masculine partner.

In more archetypal terms, worship the Goddess and cherish the Warrior.

How does this work? In my work with men and women, it has become clear that one of the key ingredients that romantic partners neglect or even forget, which is to not just love their partner, but also to revere them. It sustains, inspires and encourages the other. It also renews and revitalizes them as well.

The Goddess deserves worship. The feminine is the essence of life, of movement, of light and of all that lives.

Men, worship the Goddess within all life, and in particular worship your woman. Honor her authentically, ravish her deeply with and heart, and she will love you forever!

The Warrior is the slayer of darkness, the protector of life, the authentic, bold and powerful masculine in its essence. Being used up in pursuit of the great prize, the Holy Grail.

Ladies, cherish your Warrior all ways and always and he will always protect and serve you. Cherish and nurture his warrior heart, and he will never leave you. Love him with abandon, and he will take you deeper than you’ve ever been. OK, that’s a touch deeper than you might be ready for. Or not?

Suffice to say, this choice uplevels and transforms your romance from romance novel to timeless love story.

If you want more guidance or support, drop me a line. It’s what I do.