Cracking The Codependency Code is a new series of #inspirational talks and lessons to help you identify your own limiting patterns and belief structures that are keeping you from loving and living more authentically, abundantly, and peacefully. Join relationship experts Janie Terrazas and Barry Selby as we discuss valuable and useful tools to help you change your #relationship patterns. We candidly share our knowledge and personal experiences of #codependency. We compassionately explain the #traumas that cause individuals to fall in the trap of this painful #belief and suffering. We offer you powerful tips, tools and techniques that will help you crack the codependency code, once and for all!


Episode 1 – Introduction and  Overview
This series covers core components of codependency, and in this episode we lay the ground work, and give you a solid starting point.


Episode 2 – Enabler, Savior or Victim – which are you?
In this episode we explain and describe the savior, the enabler and the victim aspects of codependency. They share personal stories of how they fell into the victim trap of seeking approval and validation. Barry also breaks down the difference between #sympathy and #empathy.


Episode 3 – Are you a people pleaser? How comfortable are your agreements?
Diving into a discussion about our #peoplepleasing tendencies, we touch on this trauma based coping mechanism, commonly used to fill a deeper “void” within. Barry provides an excellent list of self agreements you can use to help heal your people pleasing tendencies. Janie also covers the trauma response that is rarely spoken about.


Episode 4 – Who is your Puppet Master?
In this Episode, we discuss the concept of the puppet master, and the #codependent #narcissist dynamic. We cover red flags to be aware of and share our thoughts on why the famous line “You complete me,” from the movie #JerryMaguire, should have never been romanticized! 


Episode 5 – Is ONE the loneliest number, really?
In the final Episode of this series, we discuss the discomforts of being alone, and how it ties to our culture’s warped view on singleness. We also cover the vital tool for breaking codependency cycles, and the true meaning of LOVE. “We THINK love is outside of ourselves….master falling in love with who you are, and loneliness goes away.”