You are a successful woman, a dynamic female leader.
You yearn for your soulmate, your divine partner.
It is time you have your special someone to share your life with.

I feel for you.
It saddens me to see you lose out in love. It saddens me, perhaps more so, to see you settle for less than you deserve.
I want for you to have the love you so richly deserve.
I am committed to helping you have what you want in love, in romance, in relationship.
Are you committed to yourself?

“Barry epitomizes the perfect blend of practical, spiritual, tangible and the intangible in relation to coaching.  He comes from a gentle, loving, and friendly spirit that really speaks to women and allowed me to open up to him in a way as if I’ve known him forever.  He is an attentive listener, and the insights he offered gave me real ways to redirect my energies.  He helped me realize how to control only the things that I could control and to release that was merely holding me prisioner (when I didn’t even realize it was).  He has certainly impacted my journey, and I am confident there are countless more who will be blessed to have Barry impact theirs.
Tammy G.
Let’s Rewrite Your Romance Story!

Together, we will:

Much thanks to you last night for our conversation. I went to bed last night and noticed that my breathing was easier and freer. Like something had been lifted deep beneath my being! It was really extraordinary! What you have committed your life to is magical and you will be rewarded in due time. Love and gratitude.”
Alicia P.

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